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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Prototyping Business Models


Prototyping Business Models


Where do you want to be?  At the top of the game, because you've taken the time to prototype powerful new business models?

Or in the sidelines, because you were too busy sustaining your exisiting business model?  Prototyping is a a powerful toolfor developing new, innovative business models.

You may wonder how all (CANVAS + Prototyping) of this is any different from simply sketching out business ideas, something any business person or entrepreneur does?  Two reasons:

  1. Prototyping provides different mindsets (design attitude)
  2. Business Model CANVAS provides structure to facilitate exploration



Successful prototyping required a new way of thinking:

So, to innovate a new business model prototype all your ideas and CANVAS make it very easy, visual and clear!

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