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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Long View & BM CANVAS& Processual startegy


What are the main problems (as I see) in Scenario Business Modeling?

1) Starting Point!

2) Comprehensive process! Common langauage

3) Easy, efficient FORM to see, test and finally present our scenarios?

Let me explain the model I built and see if it answers these questions?

The Model combined three ideas all together:

1) The long View (Peter Schwartz) as the most compresensive source for Global Driving Forces.

2) Scenarios by Kees Van der Heijden as the supporter of the Processual Strategic paradigm.

3) Business Model CANVAS by Alex Osterwalder.

This visual show the model:

Let's briefly explain the model :

1) The starting point is studying the Global Driving Forces and see how they will affect your future Business Models? From the long view, the Systemic Crisis is starting  points so study each character (6) and see how it will affect the future models. So you relate each charactor with the CANVAS.

2) Find the two main Industry Driving Forces, each industry has its own, you must communicate with the specialists in the field.

3) Now it's time to put all data and info together: Devleop four bare bones scenarios based on the two driving forces will shape the evolution of the industry. 

4) As you see you will end with 4 future Business Models (4 CANVASs) each one has clearly defined  9 essential business blocks and showing how each block looks like in different conditions for example the resources required?

Here is one example I built for the future of the Agri-Business:

5) You might need more Scenarios if you have more critical driving forces related to you industry.

There are a lot of details to see the full version of the model, please let me know if you ahve any questions, your feedback much appreaciated.


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